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 First things first! We do not need to come look at your yard to provide an estimate. Curbing is billed by the foot. Please get an approximate measurement around your lawn before calling. We can provide a price per foot for the installation. The details of the installation will be discussed just prior to installing when we arrive. Want the fastest service? Measure your areas and click the Get Quote button above. Enter some notes including the footage and we could be to your yard within a week usually.

We know you are counting on us, but you may still have some questions.... Let us help! 
1. How Long will it take to have curb installed?
Each job is different, but to give you an idea plan on 2 hours per 100 feet of curb laid. This includes any prep work necessary in your yard such as flower bed shaping as well as the installation of your beautiful new curb and finish work to complete the job! 
2. What should I do before you install my new curb?
We handle most of the prep work, however, if you can make sure we have a water source available such as a hose hook-up, note any utility sources and flag sprinkler heads it would help us ensure that we perform a damage free job!
3. What should I do after you install my new curb?
Why that our friends is the best part, you won't have to do anything! We handle all of the post job clean-up and haul away any excess grass or landscape that was removed during the installation of your curb. 
4. Do I need to be home while you install my new curb?
No, you do not. You can make arrangements when you schedule your curb installation to leave any gates open or unlocked and access to a hose hook-up and we will complete the job! Don't forget to let us know if you have any furry friends waiting for us! They will need to be leashed until the following day unless you like paw prints in your curbing. 
5. Will my new curb crack or change color?
Your curbing will last for many years with proper care and maintenance. All concrete can crack over time but to prevent cracking we place control joints every few feet to allow your curbing to expand. Even with the control joints the curbing can and will crack. We don't like it either but it happens. Hairline fractures are common and don't affect the function of your curbing.  Sealing your concrete minimizes color fading, but we recommend periodically cleaning and resealing the concrete every 2-3 years to keep the color vibrant.
5. How long will it take to dry?
It takes a full week for our curbing to completely dry.  Although it will be strong enough to walk on after 48 hours, caution should be taken during the first week. Wait at least 3 to 4 days before doing any landscaping or lawn maintenance.  Most importantly avoid any contact within the first 24 hours. Leave sprinkler and irrigation systems off for 24 hours.  Please allow 24 hours before letting any pets or children around the curbing to avoid damage. 
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Flatwork Warranty
Dear Valued Customer,
                We at Capital Curbing Inc. try very hard to ensure that for many years to come you will have excellent and long-lasting concrete flatwork inside and around your home. Whether it is your driveway, porch, sidewalk or patio we will do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer.
It is our policy to offer a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship for no additional cost. The warranty and what you can expect of your concrete is detailed in the following.
What to expect
                Yes- concrete does crack. We don't like it either but it is bound to happen. This is why we install control joints where the concrete is most likely to crack. If the concrete cracks in the control joint, this is exactly what we hoped for.
                Typically, concrete cracks very soon after it is placed, often the same day. We do everything we can to control cracking, but there is no guarantee that concrete will not crack in other places.
                Cracks three-sixteenths of one inch or less (height difference or gap) is normal.
                A common misconception is the assumption that your driveway, porch, or sidewalk surface will last and hold up like your interior flooring. Unfortunately, this is not true. Exterior concrete is subject to inclement weather, salt damage and heavy vehicle traffic.
                While concrete is a very durable product, like anything else, it is not without its flaws. Sometimes the top of the concrete may appear to be popping or flaking off. If this is minimal (a few here or there) it is quite possible that a stone(s) close to the top popped out.
                This is nothing to worry about. However, if you experience a lot of popping and flaking of the surface, (more than 10%) you have a legitimate problem.
                Another common misconception is color. It is not possible for us to match the color of your porch to your sidewalk exactly since most driveways need two or more loads of concrete. This is especially true if concrete placements are made on different days.
Most of these color variations are minor and most will fade over time, but they can and do occur. It is a good thing to keep in mind that if you do have one or two squares of your driveway that are popped or pitted and we replace them, it might be more noticeable than a few pops.
The cure is sometimes worse than the ill.
                Most driveways and some garage floors will have some shifting (separation or height difference) over time. This is very common. If you notice that your driveway or garage floor moves a little or sounds hollow when you drive on it, this is nothing to be concerned about, especially if there are no cracks present. This is not something we warranty. If your home has a patio or lead walk, it is possible that it may settle somewhat. We do compact the base underneath but this is no guarantee it will not settle. We cannot warranty against settling because the subgrade under the base material is something beyond our control.
                It is possible that your neighbor's concrete may appear to have a different texture or finish on it. This is very common and is no cause for concern.
What we warranty
                              Cracked Concrete
                (Industry standard for repair or replacement is 3/16") We warranty cracks that are 3/16" or greater in separation or height difference.
Popped or chipped Concrete
                We only repair or replace the section(s) that fall into the category of what we warranty. (Industry standard for repair or replacement is a minimum of 20%
                We will repair or replace if a minimum of 10% or more of any given section of the work we did is popped-pitted, or if small pieces located on the edges happen to break off.  Because your driveway approach is subject to salt overspray from the city/county plow trucks we require a minimum of 20% before we repair or replace your approach. (The 20% minimum only applies to your driveway approach; we maintain the 10% criteria for the rest of your driveway.